Ocean Waters Sailing and Healing

Jim’s specialty lies in assisting a client’s natural healing ability to attain balance.
A treatment may include any or all of the following:

☼  Releasing past trauma from the body

☼  Managing chronic pain

☼  Balancing energy

☼  Clearing chakras

☼  Deep relaxation

☼ Reiki

Supported by the immense power of nature and the ocean, Jim works with his clients to clear, charge, and balance their energy field.  Whether on the water as a student in the “Learn to Sail. Learn to Heal” course or in the seaside office on Marblehead Harbor listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves on the rocks in the background, Jim Ouellette proceeds with a natural calmness and warmth, assuring a sound experience. As a world-class sailor and USCG licensed sea captain, Jim’s passion for the ocean and sailing expertise acts as a guide in allowing you to create a life of abundance, gratitude, and surrender.  Jim’s own journey from enduring a severe physical injury to a more balanced state through the exploration, acceptance, and application of life forces are a testament to the richness and value of energy work.  Jim is available to assist you to forge a positive path forward in a gentle way that is tailored to suit you perfectly.