Ocean Waters Sailing and Healing


Deborah King, Master healer, NY Times best selling author.  When Jim started training with Deborah King, she was drawn to him out of class of 150 people.  On the first day, she invited him onstage and stated, “Jim has a special gift, an amazing healing energy; this is his true calling. He has been healing people for several lifetimes.  Jim is a natural healer, his energy fills the room. This is what he was meant to do with his life.  It’s an amazing gift; people will be drawn to him.”

During an initiation: “This is the 26th level of spiritual awakening, that’s as high as I have ever been.” The entire room of 150 people could feel it, many were lifted by it.


Douglas Brady, M.Ed. Douglas felt Jim had a huge capacity for love in his heart, was a natural healer, and his true purpose in life was to heal people. Doug also stated that when he worked with Jim he could feel Jim’s healing energy in his own heart. “Jim you are an amazing healer, maybe someday we will work together. The energy within you is very powerful. This is your true calling.”


Kim S. “I am a Reiki Master, Practitioner and teacher. I have been teaching Reiki for over 25 years, I have taught over 1,000 people. Jim took my class this spring; he gave me a treatment at the end of the class. The warmth and relaxation I felt was amazing, I had been having a hard time sleeping, yet I fell soundly asleep while Jim was working on me. It was an unexpected and powerful experience, a bit different from anything I had experienced before. “


Sally B.  “I am a Reiki Practitioner and therapist. I have had the pleasure of giving Jim several Reiki treatments.  When I am working on him I receive an energy treatment back from him at the same time. It’s a wonderful experience, Jim has a healing gift, I highly recommend working with him.”


Mary.  “I met Jim at a healing workshop at Kripalu in 2010. I have my own healing practice and am certified in Reiki. I had been practicing for five years and reached a point where I was not feeling connected to the work or progressing in my own healing. Jim did a Chelation on me. When Jim began working on me I felt a warmth beginning in my feet radiating to the top of my head. I then saw warm purple light and felt energy rushing into my body. My heart began to open up and fill with white light. My body started shaking; Deborah King approached and said that I was experiencing a spiritual initiation that was brought on by Jim’s Chelation. This was an amazing experience I feel more centered, more energetic and more connected to my source.”


Kathy. “I am a Reiki Practitioner and met Jim at a clinic in Fort Lauderdale in 2012. During the workshop, Jim did some energy work with me. While he was working on me, my entire body became relaxed. I started feeling and seeing a warm, foggy light behind my sixth chakra. This continued to become bigger and bigger.] I could feel the energy expanding in my sixth chakra. This was an amazing experience and in all my years as a practitioner, and a patient, I have never experienced such a deep connection with myself and the universe. I feel calmer, more spiritual and feel I have let go of traumas that were held in my body.”


Susan.  “Boog (my horse) was very under-weight.  His rib cage was coming through his skin. He was not eating.  I asked Jim if he would try his energy work with Boog.  Jim and Boog seemed to form a bond.  Jim started doing Reiki on Boog and Boog seemed to enjoy it.  Jim then told me Boog had something wrong with his stomach and should be looked at by a vet.  He said that he was unhappy in that stall and afraid of the horse next to him.  I was surprised to hear that as the horse in the next stall had been trying to kick Boog. The vet said Boog had worms and had sand in his stomach.  Boog has been moved to a different stall, is eating again, has gained over a hundred pounds and is doing very well.  Thanks, Jim.”


Beth. “I really appreciated the healing experience with you. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect but felt trust in you and your intentions so went into it with an open mind and heart. Physically I felt warm energy flow from you to me at my core and had the sense of disentanglement within.  You helped me identify, connect with and then work on letting go of some primal feelings of hurt and disappointment. I was in touch with that
sadness but with better perspective that facilitated moving beyond it.   The experience left me feeling physically and mentally lighter and clearer. I believe the positive results were greater than what comes from attention and compassion alone and that you have a true aptitude for healing.”


Kim. “I felt deeply relaxed and more in tune with my body and emotions. I was very tired the rest of the day but woke up the next day feeling lighter and great.”


Susan. “I feel great today. Thank you so much for working on me yesterday. I always wake up in the middle of the night. Last night, I easily fell back asleep. Then I watched a beautiful sunrise. Today the sunrise seems more brilliant than usual. I know I had dreams but I don’t remember the specifics. It’s going to be a beautiful day. Thank you Jim, you amazed me, you truly did.”


Cherie.  “Thank you for working with me yesterday. I feel great today. Those were soulful tears of gratitude I sent back out into the universe. I did make an observation about the experience before and after that I found interesting –something that brought some self-awareness to me . . . Perhaps best shared with a therapist to gain a better understanding. I felt happy and proud after my session with you. I am in a great place now and am a much better person for having worked with you.”


Christine. “The reason I sought you out is because I lost my husband to leukemia. When he was alive we lived by the words you spoke and all of a sudden memories ran through my head and heart and tears ran down my face. I never thought I would hear them again or think of the possibility of enjoying the rest of my life. I can’t thank you enough. With Gratitude, Christine.”


Robin.  “Thank you for working with me. I am feeling more grounded now. I am trying to breathe into the pain and be one with it.  I did feel sad, but now I know that I have to take responsibility. My feelings were all tied up in knots and everything was confusing the issue for me in my heart. Thank you for bringing clarity and calmness in your gentle, loving manner. Peace be with you. “


Racey Gilbert.  “1,600 miles of offshore sailing, three storms, no place to hide, both Jim and the boat came though like champs! I would sail anywhere in the world with this Captain.”


Bill Jackson.  Jim is a natural, as a sailor and a teacher.  Right away, he was able to  teach to my level.  He was encouraging and fun and shared his passion for being on the water.  After each lesson, he left me with one technique to consider–a practice that I found very helpful.  Most importantly, I had a great time on his boat, whether I was getting an official lesson or out for a pleasure sail with family.”


Captain Timothy Hermes.  “My family and I had the pleasure to sail with Captain Jim  Ouellette last year.  We accompanied him on a trip from West Palm Beach to the British Virgin Islands via the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, in total almost 2000 miles logged.   Having sailed most of my life, and possessing my 100-Ton Masters License, I have had the opportunity to accompany hundreds of seamen, sailing many bodies of water from the Atlantic, Baltic Sea, Great Lakes to the Caribbean, both off shore and near shore.  Many of these persons possessed a Captain’s license, however, Jim Ouellette is by far one of the most competent of Captains that I have ever encountered.  Captain Ouellette is exceptional in the fact that he took the time to “teach” not preach.  Our sons, who each sailed with Jim, consider his tutelage on board his vessel the best sea training they have ever experienced.  I personally regard him with great admiration and esteem. ”