Ocean Waters Sailing and Healing

Learn to Sail – Learn to Heal

Learning to sail can be a healing experience in itself. The connection to self and nature while sailing is profound. Feeling the breeze on your face and listening to the sounds of the ocean, you will learn to embrace the force of the wind and steer the boat and trim the sails with confidence.

A deep feeling of freedom can be attained by gaining the skills needed to sail a boat effectively. As you chart your way, you will experience that every action creates a reaction both physically and spiritually. Much like life, we cannot change the direction of the wind; yet, we can learn to simply make adjustments to our sails by employing tools we learn along the way. Jim will guide you on this journey through each and every phase.

Jim Ouellette offers sailing classes in conjunction with Sail Marblehead Inc. summers, and trips to and from the Caribbean each winter. Imagine learning to sail in a relaxing environment with with a world class sailor – master healer, be it either on a day sailor or a luxury yacht. Email for more information.